Friday, August 19, 2016

Welcome to Korea

I am so glad I have two adorable girls as my homeroom teachers. There are some groups that have adorable guys as homeroom teachers and I'm not sure how I would pay attention to anything else. I have as yet been able to sneak any pictures of said adorable teachers, but I still have about five days to accomplish this. Maybe at the field trip on Monday.

One of the staff is the cutest guy, he's the photographer and I got a few shots of the back of his head.

Can't you just tell how adorable he is? Here is the one photo I was able to sneak, he's standing up toward the back of the picture. The guy toward the front is also super adorable.
The girls are all real sweet, no one seems really annoyed or anything, everyone has honestly been super helpful. I was worried because of a blog I read that said the staff could be snippy and unhelpful but so far I haven't experienced that.

We are allowed to leave the campus, we just have to be back by midnight. As I have not been able to stay up beyond 8:30 pm yet, that hasn't been a problem. I walked down the giant mountain into the little town at the bottom just to get an idea of what it was like. Since the city is built into the mountain, everything is very steep and angular. Traffic intersections are crazy at times. People stop and park on the side of the road all the time, just stopping in the lanes like "I'm gonna hang out here for a while." People just drive around them. It's kind of crazy.

On the way down the hill, this giant truck was just parked in the middle of the road and everyone just had to drive around them...

The streets are very cool. Everything is a combination of English and Korean...

I walked by myself and everything was fine. People pretty much ignored me, but we are at an International University so I am sure that they are used to foreigners in town. There was a Starbucks that I didn't go in but mentally noted. Not that I want to walk down that hill again...because the way back up was brutal. I passed by a guy I had seen walking up it...his exercise routine is obviously to walk to the top of the road and back down. That's some exercise, let me tell you. And yes, he was absolutely adorable.

Tomorrow is all lectures, but the next day, Monday, is when we go on our field trip. I am excited to take more pictures. Of sites, not just Korean boys. But I will try to take a lot of eye candy pictures for you all.

Oh yes, and apparently Ikon advertises for Pepsi
The whole group was on the bottle. This cost 1,200 won, but I got two for that price. Which is nice, but I don't have a fridge and I am not drinking warm Pepsi. So I went to the lobby and went to some girls I had met earlier and luckily one wanted my extra. It worked out.

That's it for now. I'll post more later!

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